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Friendship Day Ecards -

All of us will be sending cards to our friends on friendship day. We will all try to remember the names of all our friends and send an Ecards to tell them that we love them. A printed card costs money and add the cost of postage, it becomes a big total if you send about fifty cards. Sending fifty Ecards will cost you nothing but one hour of your time on your computer. Here are some quick tips on selecting best free Ecards for friendship day.

Free Ecards - When you try to search for Ecards, you will find that most of the websites want money. But you will get few that are offering free Ecards. Don’t select any JPG Ecards. Go for Flash Ecards. These cards look good and are full of lovely animations. Select one that fits the mood of your friendship.

Friendship day Ecards- how to select?

As I said select flash Ecards. In any Ecard , the color, the images and the text combine to make an impression. Choose one that has all the three elements in the right proportion. Too much of text is not good. Small text that gives the message is good enough to make a great impression. It applies to colors and images. Select natural images, because everybody loves them and select muted neutral colors. Add your message below the Ecards and send them across. Send as many as you wish- all free.

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