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Halloween is fun. It is a day of fun. Everybody across all the age groups enjoys Halloween. On such a day, it is fun to send ecards. With so many ecards available, it becomes difficult to get ecards that make you feel good and give joy to the recipients. After all the ecards are supposed to spread joy. Let me tell you how to do this.

Get Free - with so much free content available on the net, it is no use paying for ecards search for websites that are offering free ecards.

Flash - In this age, to use static small JPG ecards looks little out of place. Look for flash ecards that have lot of movement in them.

Size- Don’t chose very small or very large sizes. Chose sizes that nicely fit in the screen. Your recipient will be able to view the ecard easily and enjoy it.

Music - Use ecards with scary music. The flash with music will add to the fun of Halloween.

Message - chose a service that gives space for putting your message and a notification to you that your ecard has been viewed.

Selection of ecards requires little search if you know what you are looking for. The card size/weight should be small so that the ecard opens easily. The ecard should have a click to view in the beginning.  Halloween offers you a grand opportunity to connect with all friends and family members. Send more than one ecard to most of them. The ecards are free. Why not send more? Halloween is fun. Ecards for Halloween add to that fun and make your day really enjoyable.

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