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Star of television's "Desperate Housewives," Alfre Woodard is sharing some secrets -no, not from Wisteria Lane, but from America's desperate, and not so desperate, housewives.

The Emmy Award-winning actress says that a recent survey by Harris Interactive has uncovered some provocative secrets of real American housewives. "In fact, many of the findings would make great fodder for the storyline on the show," said Woodard. According to the Playtex® Secrets® survey of more than 1,300 married U.S. women, nearly three out of four (72 percent) say they have a deep secret, but more than one in three have not divulged it to anyone.

Nearly half (44 percent) say they've had a secret crush. Surprisingly, nearly half of those women (48 percent) are secretly crushing on someone they work with-a co-worker, colleague or even their boss. Even more revealing, about one in five (21 percent) admit to having secretly admired their husband's friend(s).

Three in 10 married women (29 percent) describe their relationship with their mother-in-law as one of toleration. Shockingly, as many as one in five (20 percent) say they'd love for their husband's mother to move in with them.

About three in five married ladies (61 percent) say they gossip. Among those who do, 31 percent say they tell tales about their boss, co-workers or colleagues, while three in 10 (30 percent) dish about their neighbor(s). More than one in four (28 percent) chit-chat about their in-laws, while one in five (22 percent) talk about their husbands.

The survey was conducted by Playtex® Secrets®, a beautiful and elegant intimate apparel line for full-size women, to highlight the introduction of its new Legacy Lace™ collection. Each style offers such hidden comfort features as breathable Airform fabric.

Each bra incorporates luxurious feminine detailing, such as lace and scalloped edging, features designed to help make women feel confident and beautiful. Sizes range from 36 to 44 C, D and DD. Such fashionable bras could quickly become a woman's best-kept secret weapon.

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