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To__________________________As__________________________ of
      Estate of____________________________________Deceased

The undersigned hereby offers $_________for the purchase of
the property generally known as_________________________and
described as:______________________________________________
on the following terms:
   ________________[terms for paying balance]___________
   Rents, taxes, insurance expenses of operation and
   maintenance to be prorated as of close of escrow;
   seller to furnish title policy.

Enclosed is cashier's check #________ on    [location]
Branch of_______________[bank] for $____________________
representing 10% of my offer as a deposit.

I understand this bid, if accepted, is subject to
confirmation by the Superior Court.

(This offer is contingent on your accepting it by [date]
and obtaining the earliest possible date for the court
hearing.  If you do not accept this offer on or before said
date, you are instructed to return the deposit immediately
thereafter)  Deposit is to be returned in event sale is not
confirmed by court.

Upon confirmation of sale, title shall be conveyed by grant
deed (or warranty deed) to [names of parties] [description
of manner in which title will be held]

(This offer is subject to a real estate commission of __%
to be paid by the estate to [name of broker], address
                   , License #                    )

Address_______________________ Phone____________________


Receipt is acknowledged of $       as a deposit.  I accept
said offer subject to confirmation by the court, and will
file a return of sale and immediately notify you of the
date of hearing.

DATED____________________     __________________________
                              As executor (administrator)
                              Of Estate of Deceased

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