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Pocket bikes may look like toys, but they aren't.  They are designed for fun, but they can also be very dangerous if not handled properly.  Never allow unsafe practices to take away the fun from riding pocket bikes.  You can have fun, and still be safe, by following some simple common sense rules.

• Always wear the right equipment.  Dress as though you were riding a big street bike.  Leather is the best type of clothing, and helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads should be worn at all times.  Eyes can be protected with goggles are safety glasses.  Buckle the chin strap each and every time.  Leather gloves are a great idea to protect your hands.

• Always inspect your bike before riding.  This should become an automatic habit to check before each ride.  Make sure your air pressure in the tires is right.  Check the tension of the chain.  Check the fuel.  Check the frame of the bike.  Tighten any loose nuts or bolts.  If anything looks or sounds amiss, don't ride!  Most injuries from pocket bikes occur because something is wrong with the bike, and an individual rides it, anyway.

• Maintenance.  This can not be stressed enough.  Keep every part of your pocket bike well maintained and cared for.  Don't cut corners.

• Stay off public streets.  Most states don't allow pocket bikes on public streets, and many people have been hurt or even killed because they were hit by drivers who could not see them.

• Do not ride in undesirable conditions that impair your vision or your ability to control the bike.  Fog, rain, darkness, and snow can be dangerous.  Also, do not ride the pocket bike if you are impaired.  You wouldn't do it with a car, so don't do it with a pocket bike.  

• Never drive a pocket bike at night.

• Keep your pocket bike on smooth hard surfaces.  These are not meant for off-road use.

• Don't "double up."  Pocket bikes were designed for a single rider and should be used as such.  

Follow these tips and your pocket bike will provide hours of safe fun and entertainment, exactly as you had hoped, and without the worry of senseless injury.

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