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If you want to gift neck tie to your loved ones and you are confused as how to shop for the right tie at the right price then here are some cool tips that will make your work easier. 

When you go for buying a neck tie remember that 

1. An expensive neck tie is always better than low quality neck tie because spending a little more will give you a better value for your money. The reason is that a high quality tie shall match even a less than great quality suit but a low quality tie shall damage the overall look of high end suit. 

2. Check for the material of the neck tie because the best neck ties are made up of 100% silk and you need to feel the fabric to know exactly what you are getting for what you are paying. If you don’t recognize pure silk then you can find a salesperson you can rely on to help you find out the same. 

3. A good tie is cut exactly to a 45 degree angle and you can test this by holding the tie out in front of you while you grip the narrow end and if this makes right it should not twist. 

4. Quality ties are resilient and easily retain their shape. You can test this by gently tugging at both the ends of the tie to check if it returns to its original shape. 5. Next you should check how the tie hangs by holding it up at the midpoint and if it doesn’t hangs straight then the outer fabric may be bound tightly for the lining and this is not the right tie. 6. You need to judge the right tie for your outfit and try it on the same type of shirt you plan to wear it with and also assess the length and width of the neck tie. 

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