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How do I get custom prints online?

Nobody wants a standard printout for a picture that they took of their family. If you are like me you always strive for brilliant pictures that look professional. I say this but my photos are less than professional. Thanks to a little bit of editing and some capable software I can usually fake it. I am going to assume that if you are reading this article that you already know that printing photos online is the only way to go for quality digital photos and price.

How do I edit my pictures first?

When uploading your pictures to a professional printer they usually have some photo editing software available to use. This is usually enough to take care of your standard fixes. If you really want to do a number on the photo you can buy a copy of Adobe Photoshop. This program is very expensive and has a very steep learning curve. If you have Microsoft Office like most of the world there is a very simple editing program that comes with it. You can usually use that program with no prior experience and it works rather well to do some routine fixing to your digital photos. Then next best option is the software that came with your digital camera. This software works rather well and if you did not know that your camera came with it then it is like getting free software.

Will my pictures look like I expect them to?

Printing photos online can and should be exactly what you expect. The catch is you have to know what to expect. Many printers and shops that will let you upload you photos will not alter your pictures or make any adjustments other than size. There are other photo developers who will alter them. This does not mean they make major changes. They will most often change the hue. So in deciding who you will use to process your photos keep in mind that some will print them exactly as you uploaded them and others will apply a little alteration to your pics.

What do I need to watch out for?

The biggest problem with uploading your pictures is that the buyer does not upload the correct picture or they will upload a poor quality picture and when it is printed it is still poor quality. Make sure that all of your pictures are edited correctly and that they have been uploaded in the correct format.

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