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No other brand of kayak cover competes with Danuu Kayak Covers. Danuu covers are created with ease of use and top quality in mind.

Danuu Kayak Covers have been shown repeatedly to be the best in their class. Danuu makes covers with a standard of quality that is higher than anyone else's.

The double-layered, double-stitched material at each end of the cover protects against rips. The covers protect kayaks from excessive sun exposure and other conditions.

Danuu covers are designed to be easy to use so there is no problem putting them on. You simply drape it over the kayak and cinch the straps (four to six of them, depending on the size of the kayak), and you are ready to roll.

Danuu covers also feature built-in air holes that ensure that the cover does not catch the wind. A red flag built into the cover makes it easy to find and mark the end of the kayak. Danuu's covers are the most effective and the easiest to use kayak cover on the market.

Serious kayakers absolutely have to check out Danuu covers. They are an essential element of kayaking and are worth every cent. If you travel with your kayak and want to keep it in like-new condition, you need to get a Danuu cover. Treat yourself and buy one.

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