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Never let it be said that mountain people don’t know how to cook. In Steamboat Springs , Colorado, restaurants offer a variety of freshly prepared, expertly cooked, quality foods that rival the restaurants in any major city. The city has more than 70 restaurants and bars and because of the western flair it’s a great place to sample elk, buffalo or Rocky Mountain oysters if that’s something you’ve always wanted to do. But don’t feel that mountain/western fare is all that’s available. Within a short walk from the center of town you’ll find Italian, Mexican, French, Japanese, Pacific Rim and other eclectic cuisine.

For delicious family fare in a casual, friendly atmosphere try Mazzola’s. With pizzas such as “The Maui Wowie,” “The White Album,” and “The Godfather” and an impressive list of entrees and appetizers, everyone at your table will have no trouble finding something delicious. For family fare with an adult twist step in to the Mahogany Ridge Brewery and Grill for some of the best steaks you’ll ever taste. Wash it down with some micro-brewed beer that rivals the brewmasters of Germany. Your kids will enjoy the special wild, wild west kids selections and the live music.

Is Chinese food your thing? Try the gourmet fare at the huge Panda Garden Restaurant or the Chinese family cooking a few scant blocks away at the Canton Chinese Restaurant.

In addition, there’s creole at Lucille’s, French at Harwig’s, fresh seafood at the appropriately named Freshie’s and at least six Mexican restaurants, some known more for their exquisite margaritas than their cooking. Feel free to put on your jeans and cowboy boots for most of them or dress up in that suit and tie you’ve brought with you and dine in pure elegance.

The choice is yours. Needless to say for a small town that depends on its mountain surroundings to bring in tourists, there is a variety of quality food available in Steamboat Springs that will satisfy anybody’s palate.

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