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There are several bathtubs on the market today specially designed for handicapped bathers.  Many have special features that allow those with special needs to use the tubs without assistance.  Purchasing one of these handicapped bathtubs can allow your loved one to regain their independence and dignity.

One of the more popular types of tubs is the “walk-in” bathtub.  This tub is usually designed to fit in about the same space as a traditional bathtub, but allows the user with mobility issues to step into the tub through a gate-like door.  Allowing the user to step into the tub reduces injuries caused by climbing over the wall of a traditional tub.  Additionally, the walk in bathtub is designed with a seat and handheld shower head for convenient and safe use. The user does not need to lower themselves to the floor, only onto a seat. After sealing the door with a knob or button, the bather can relax comfortably and safely and take advantage of optional features like hydrotherapy, temperature control and self-drying features.

Those with more severe mobility limitations and wheelchair users may appreciate another popular handicapped bathtub model.  On these models, the doors open outward to make them even easier to use, and the “sit and pivot” style allows wheelchair users to transfer themselves to the tub with ease.  Popular features can be installed, and these units also offer temperature control, optional whirlpool or hydrotherapy features and safety bars.  

There are companies that will convert your existing bathtub for handicapped use as well.  These conversions often involve cutting a door into an existing bathtub or reducing the outer wall and installing steps.  The reviews of these conversions have been mixed, and if safety is your primary concern, a bathtub designed for handicapped use is most likely your best choice.

Providing your handicapped loved one with a bathtub designed for their use can help them live a more independent life, while ensuring their safety and dignity.

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