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A look at Plants and the colorful flowers on it at the garden or backyard calls for creativity. The plants to live for a long time require beautiful planter boxes with concrete structure or wooden structure.  Planter boxes are available in different styles and shapes and colors. Planter box is a functional exterior d├ęcor that adores the patio.  Planter boxes are portable.   Different kinds of materials are used to make Planter boxes such as terra cotta, plastic, teak or cedar wood and concrete blocks.  Planter boxes can be filled with beautiful flowers according to the choice of individual. Planter boxes help to make the patio as paradise.

Even people who do not have much space for a vast garden can create small flower garden or vegetable garden in the balcony area or roof top with the help of planter boxes. Small trees can also be raised in planter boxes to keep them indoor. Recycled plastic is also used to make planter boxes.
So, if you live in the city and think that it is impossible to bring a little green into your outdoor space that is made of concrete, think again. All you have to do is purchase some lovely planter boxes. An ideal option for planting almost anything, they are exactly what you have been looking for and would be a wonderful addition to any outdoor area. Remember, that includes that twelfth story balcony.
When choosing the planter boxes, the principal of feng shui i.e., simplicity must be kept in mind.  Planter boxes made up of natural materials like terra cotta or wood is better than plastic material.  These add good appearance to the garden or patio.
The boring front porch area can be converted into a beautiful place by placing planter boxes with bunch of flowers. Planter boxes made up of redwood or cedar will please anybody in the porch area.  These planter boxes are very strong and durable Planter boxes are available in rectangle, hexagon and square shapes also.  Planter Boxes provide safety, beauty and security to the street or entrance and can also serve as safety barriers.  There is also drainage facility inside the planter box.   Road side lawns, parks, corporate lawns also use planter boxes.   Planter boxes are also used indoor and outdoor for waste water management.
In many countries separate programs are charted for  beautifying the cities  by using  planter boxes filled  with beautiful  plants and small trees around the cities.  Planter boxes are the best way to display the beautiful flowers and plants and create interest among who visit the garden.  
Planter boxes made up of teak or cedar wood is an ideal investment for a long time.   Wooden planter boxes  is perfect fit to  all weather and act as insulators and also protects the plants from winter and summer.  Wooden planter boxes painted or varnished with natural colors appears fantastic.   Wooden Planter boxes definitely makes the porch area very decorative and  attracts those who  walk through the area.

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