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Traveling with your bird - some tips from folks who travel with their bird every day

Before we get into specifics, let's start with the basics. Emergencies aside, if you're planning to travel with your bird, get ... but your own.Have a great trip Mitch Rezman

by AwfulSlingshot
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Bird Feeder Believed To Attract More Than Birds

Just as the name implies, a bird feeder is a device that is placed outdoors for the purpose of dispensing food to birds. ... the spotlight as many birdwatchers turn toward watching squirrels, as well.

by HairyFoal
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Why do birds scream

Boy if we had THE answer we'd be writing this from our yacht. But of course I have to weigh in here. What got me thinking ... "Scream Time because they know they will be rewarded for their patience.

by HuggingDuck
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Raising A Healthy Bird.

1. If you want your bird to live a long life it is important to feed it in a nutritionally sound way. Birds often die ... enjoy a healthy lifestyle and this practice can extend their life expectancy.

by Madept
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Decorative Bird Houses

The nesting season is an important time for birds. Its springtime and birds must now turn to nesting. They turn their full ... market ranging from plain and simple to the elaborate and decorative.

by Camella
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Bird House Building

Birds are great additions to your backyard. Putting up bird houses is an excellent way to attract them. However, not all birds ... bird houses ensure you of longer years with your feathered friends.

by Hawkward
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8 Simple Tips For Keeping Your Pet Birds Healthy

1. Birds need to eat a nutrionally sound diet in order to live a long life. Improper feeding can lead to malnutrition and ... birds includes maintaining a healthy diet of seeds, vegetables and fruit.

by Titank
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All You Wanted To Know About Birdcages

Home is where the heart is, isn't it? Ever thought about those who have no home and make us feel good daily as we enjoy their ... home. Your birds are special for you, so they deserve a special home.

by FlamboyantChomper
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Backyard Bird Feeders: How To Attract Hummingbirds

Your first glimpse at bird watching may come through the use of binoculars. Binoculars are an essential piece of bird watching equipment, ... . And then enjoy all the beautiful birds to your garden.

by AfternoonFay
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Rustic Bird Houses

Birds that nestle in tree cavities will as well nestle in wood birdhouses. Birdhouses protect birds and conjugated on a few well- ... reach the great thing about getting the nature by your door.

by PlushSeal
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Horse Shopping Is Easier If You Do This First

Top 10 Things to do BEFORE you go horse shopping Buying a horse is a big commitment in both time and money. The emotional energy ... will be the best choice for you when you do begin your search.

by PerfumedNecromancer
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Does your horse need Horse Supplements?

Most people are fond of feeding their pets; some people know how to elaborate a very complex diet when choosing a Puppy Food. ... 's advice. Therefore, the veterinarian remains your best guide ever.

by CheeryGrin
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How to Buy a Horse Trailer

Whether you own one horse or several, a horse trailer will provide a convenient way to travel with your horses to shows, rodeos, ... trailer that you and your horses will enjoy for years to come.

by TrainedGuy
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Horse Trailer Buyer Tips: Slant Load vs. Straight Load

There are many design choices when buying a horse trailer. One decision that can be difficult to make is whether to buy a horse ... will be comfortable and practical for your horse for years to come.

by MammothMoth
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Horse Trailer Buyer Tips: Gooseneck vs Bumper Pull

When choosing a horse trailer, there are many features to consider. One important feature is whether the horse trailer will ... advantages and disadvantages of each design before making a purchase.

by BunBunny
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Give Your Horses the Protection They Need with a Vinyl Horse Fence

Whether you own only a few horses or you have a horse farm, a proper horse fence is necessary to keep your animals safely within ... so you can get started with the horse farm of your dreams!

by Oystrich
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Finding the Right Horse Fence and Layout to Meet Your Needs

Owning horses is one of life's greatest pleasures. These gorgeous creatures are powerful, elegant, and extremely intelligent. Of course, ... to ensure that your horses are safe, healthy, and secure.

by Conjursa
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6 easy ways to find a good dog training professional

Finding a good dog training professional With so many people advertising in the field of professional dog training today, ... collars are very effective when controlling dogs in difficult situations.

by KeyboardPie
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5 Tips For Training Dogs Successfully

Training dogs is not a hard. You just need patience, dedication and some simple tactics and you will teach them successfully. Here ... save your life one day and pay back everything you taught him.

by BouncyOracle
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5 Steps to a Better-Behaved Pet

Want to live a healthier lifestyle? Get a dog. Studies show that pet ownership helps reduce stress, lowers blood pressure and ... friend, your dog will appreciate bonding with you during the process.

by HarmlessRose
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