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How Gibson Guitars Are Made

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Posted by Octopuppy


The Gibson Guitars Hummingbird model is one of their most loved guitars.  Players of Gibson guitars often wonder how the great Gibson Guitars Hummingbird model is made.  Made in Nashville, Tennessee, the Gibson Guitars Hummingbird model is made much like their other models.  To begin with, the wood is chosen for the Gibson Guitars Hummingbird model.  The top of the Gibson Guitars Hummingbird model is glued up into 2” thick block, and most of the backs are solid.  Machines put the front and backs together for the Gibson Guitars Hummingbird model.  Most are surprised by the machine assembly of the guitars, however the Gibson Guitar Hummingbird and all other models have been built by machines for over 100 years.

The Gibson Guitars Hummingbird model’s neck is made of up to three different pieces.  The pieces of the Gibson Guitars Hummingbird are laminated and cut.  The wing blocks are added to the Gibson Guitars Hummingbird and the fingerboards are assembled.  Most of the fingerboards on the Gibson Guitars Hummingbird are made of rosewood or ebony.  The Gibson Guitar Hummingbird, like all other Gibson guitars, is hand-fretted.  When everything is put together, the Gibson Guitar Hummingbird is ready to go.  

Many musicians have loved the Gibson Guitars Hummingbird over the years.  The Gibson Guitars Hummingbird is one that offers the signature Gibson sound and quality.  Durability is one thing that draws artists to the Gibson Guitars Hummingbird.  The Gibson Guitars Hummingbird model is a lovely instrument that is also a piece of art.

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