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Can i send and receive private messages ?

in Buying by Acharya Center
Yes. You can send private message to other members. They can't see your e-mail and you can't see theirs for privacy reasons. However private messages are only used to confirm order, make shipping arrangements and ask questions. Exchanging advertising and promotion material is strictly prohibited. Private messages are not be used for personal conversations.

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How to upvote and downvote a deal?

Click on up arrow next to a post. You can also use down arrow to downvote a post or a comment.

in Marketplace by Acharya Center
How to view orders I received ?

Visit your profile page and click on sales tab to view received orders. You can view details about item, options, price, buyer etc. You may receive an email instantly after an order is placed.

in Selling by Acharya Center
Do i need separate account for each site or topic?

No. You can use same username and password to login to use any site. Once you are logged into one site you will be logged into every site automatically.

in Account Help by Acharya Center
How to download my purchase ?

Check orderhistory page. Search for your purchase. Click on link to download.

in Buying by Acharya Center
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