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The Blackwell Legacy

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Posted by BunBunny
Rosangela has lived in her little town without ever having any worries, that is until something very mysterious started to take place in the small town of Blackwell.

During early morning news it was reported that two students have killed themselves, and after performing an autopsy and investigating the terribly scary event it was discovered that something unearthly has invaded the bodies of the college students that has forced them to commit the terrible suicide.

Just as that was taking place Rosangela has been mysteriously contacted by Joey Mallone, her spiritual guide, whom only she could communicate with. He informed that the super natural mysteries had to be solved immediately and the ones at fault terminated or that could lead to more deaths in their town and eventually across the world, thus rendering Rosangela the world savior.

From the on Rosangela and Joey team up, where as Rosa has to perform all the human earthly missions while Joey does all the research as far as the supernatural happenings are concerned.

This is when the whole thing goes even wilder as you are brought into the mystery solution team and have to help out both Joey and Rosa to solve the mystery by helping them solve this emotional mystery, what are you waiting for? Go on help save the world and keep the Blackwell Legacy.

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