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24 Inch Bar Stools and Their Uses

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Posted by Emufasa


Bar stools that are 24 inches in height are often a good choice for a stool, 24 inch bar stools have many uses beyond the typical commercial use. These stools are good for low to medium size counters for grabbing a quick snack, or entertaining, a writing desk or a worktop for the children to do their homework. A 24 inch bar stool can even prove useful in maintain area or working environment.

If you have children, then these stools are twice as effective, as children can’t always sit comfortably on the higher stools when drawing, paint or eating lunch; so having a smaller stool means the whole family can benefit. Seating of any kind is usually designed with adults in mind, so having a taller bar stool that children will find hard to sit on comfortably is just a bad idea. Bar stools of the 24 inch variety are perfect for kids between the ages of 6 and 12.

Another group of people that would benefit from the 24 inch bar stool are artists, an artist would sit for hours on end creating masterpieces and having a comfortable stool to sit on is essential.

Sculptors and painters would also benefit from smaller stools since they have to reach low down when working on a project and a swivel stool makes things all the more convenient.

Many factories and workshops have people sitting at a table or work bench, a 24 inch bar stool is ideal for those lower positions as the stool would come to just below table height allowing for ample leg room.

The kitchen is another room where a smaller bar stool would be an advantage. A 24 inch stool allows for a seated position that keeps your feet on the ground, this is good to maintain extra stability.

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