Adjustable Beds in Hospitals

Adjustable Beds in Hospitals

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I believe nobody ever wants to be admitted in a hospital for whatever reason. One may be there merely to visit a sick relative or work as a staff. But other than these, there is no way that a person will leave the comforts of his/her own home and stay inside a hospital.

However, certain inevitable things happen and you have no choice but to let yourself be confined in a hospital. The hospital is actually a place where one gets treated and be monitored during the recovery process. As the hospital is built for such purpose, it is just necessary to ensure patient’s convenience and comfort while staying in the infirmary.

Hospital devices and equipment are specially designed to help the medical professionals in providing wellness and rendering care to their covered patients. And adjustable beds are among such equipment.

In the past, hospitals only utilize fixed beds for any type of patients. When a patient’s head needs to be elevated, pillows are just added. But today, hospital beds can now be modified to better suit the individual needs of the ailing patients.

As crucial as other medical instruments and equipment, adjustable hospital beds provide relief and comfort needed by the patients.

The lower and upper parts, or sometimes even the central portion, of such hospital beds can be adjusted either electrically or manually to relieve pressure on particular aching areas. Hospital beds can accommodate those who are sitting up, or those that need their legs/head elevated, or those who simply lay flat on bed.

The kind of mattress an adjustable hospital bed has is also of great significance. The mattress must be made from latex and polyurethane foams to ensure that the bed contains no chemical substances that will compromise the safety of one’s immune system.

Aside from those mentioned earlier, adjustable beds in hospitals have specific health benefits for patients as will be cited below.

• Hospital adjustable beds can reduce the swelling of one’s lower extremities.
• They provide relief for back pain, as well as tenderness of the entire body.
• They soothe the tension on the shoulders and neck.
• They also counterbalance overnight heartburn and acid reflux.
• They relieve the discomfort and soreness on certain body parts, like the knees, spine and neck.
• Patients with degenerative diseases such as spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, and osteoarthritis also benefit from hospital adjustable beds.
• Such beds are also beneficial to patients who have just undergone surgical procedures. They are also ideal for people who have just had surgery.
• Adjustable hospital beds also aid patients in moving in and out of their beds. This activity actually relieves the muscles of the heart and thus improves airway and breathing. Also, the active movement eases the muscles of the stomach, thereby facilitating proper digestion and regular elimination.
• In some sophisticated and more luxurious hospitals, their adjustable beds may feature massaging motors to add more relief and comfort.

With adjustable hospital beds, your hospital stay will surely be a relaxing and comfortable one.

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